Aug 22nd 2016

Integrating Technology in the K-12 Classroom (Canvas net)

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In today’s world, the ability to effectively use technology is required for success in almost all facets of life. To prepare students to meet this college and career readiness requirement, teachers need to carefully consider how to integrate a variety of technological resources and learning opportunities into their instructional design.

This course focuses on teaching technology and digital literacy skills using a lesson plan grounded in 21st Century Global Skills.


- Welcome/Explore: Explore the standards, think about how they apply to your classroom, and choose those upon which to base your lesson.

- Plan/Prepare: Review a variety of resources and get input from other teachers as you plan a grade-level, standards-based lesson that targets technology and digital literacy skills. By the end of the week, you should have strategies to complete your lesson plan.

- Teach/Reflect: Teach your lesson, evaluate what worked, and identify any challenges you may have encountered. Then reflect on the next steps needed to continue building upon what you’ve learned.