Sep 27th 2016

Innovation and Competition: Succeeding through Global Standards (edX)

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Learn how technical standards are key to product innovation and business success. Products and technologies that influence and transform the way we live, work, and communicate rely on the development of technical standards. Standards also fuel compatibility and interoperability, reduce costs and risk, simplify product development, enable innovation, hasten time-to-market for new products – and can help determine a company’s global competitiveness. Standards play a vital role in helping consumers understand and compare competing products, and give confidence to investors.

This course will enable learners to better contribute to their organization and to advance their careers. By completing this course, learners will understand:

- different types of standards

- how they impact trade and innovation

- how they evolve

- why companies participate in standards development

- how standards change to meet emerging needs

- how to integrate related activities with other organizational functions

- strategic implications

- how standards apply to product design and planning.

We will also discuss conformity assessment, regulation and intellectual property.

This engineering course offers a practitioner’s view of technical standards and is geared to students and professionals in the fields of engineering, technology, computing, business, economics and law – particularly those working in all facets of product planning, development, and support.

What you'll learn:

- What technical standards are and why they matter globally

- How standards develop through formal and informal processes and negotiation

- How standards apply to product design and innovation

- The connection between standards, strategic planning, and business success

- Important intellectual property considerations related to standards and conformity requirements

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