Dec 15th 2014

Injuries, illness and telemedicine in extreme sailing (

During this course, you will learn about the basic medical techniques for the prevention of medical problems on board a yacht, how to plan medical prevention and active techniques to deal with some of the main issues that may arise during a two-crew round the world regatta. You will also be introduced to telemedical assistance protocols and the technology associated with it.

Ocean sailing puts sailors through the toughest physical, mental and environmental conditions, and that can take its toll on their health. In a round the world regatta such as the Barcelona World Race, which lasts for three months, the sailors race for weeks on end in some of the planet's most inhospitable and remote waters. That's why it's important for them to have a high level of hygiene and medical knowledge to help them to survive and overcome any illnesses, injuries or physiological disturbances they may experience out on the ocean. With that in mind, the sailors have a remote medical care service available to them, set up by the regatta organisers and based on the latest telecommunications technologies.

This course is aimed at the general public and anyone with an interest in sailing or medicine. It is also aimed at those involved in the world of sailing who are interested in dealing with health issues in a straightforward and quick manner, either on board a boat or in a maritime context. It's also aimed at healthcare professionals who want to expand their knowledge of sailing and want to prepare a first aid kit with the basic materials to deal with small problems on board.

The content may also be relevant and provide knowledge for trainee doctors and nurses or for those volunteering for sea or coastal rescue organisations (Red Cross, Sea Rescue or Lifeguards).

You can also follow this course in Spanish and Catalan.