Mar 23rd 2015

Inequalities in Personal Finance: the Baby Boom Legacy (FutureLearn)

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Explore the concerns about rising generational and economic inequalities in developed countries, with this free online course.

From religious leaders to heads of state, everyone is talking about economic inequalities. What form can such inequalities take in different countries? What impact do they have on society? And why should they matter to you?

Has the baby boomer generation had it all?

This free online course will explore the growing concerns surrounding rising inequalities in income and wealth in developed countries. You’ll scrutinise claims that the baby boomer generation has had it all, in terms of pension deals and affordable houses, while social and political changes have left younger generations struggling to find security for their accommodation and retirement income.

You’ll examine the causes and implications of growing economic inequalities and what can be done about them, by individuals, communities and governments.

Can we create a fair deal for everyone?

This four-week course is extremely timely: everyday a news report mentions the growing gap between rich and poor. In many countries, politicians and social movements are arguing about austerity policies and the future of the welfare state and public services, and how to come out of the crisis with a fair deal for everyone.

You’ll explore many different alternatives to achieve a more equal world for generations to come.