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Hydraulics 水力学 (edX)

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This Hydraulics course explores the science of hydraulics and focuses on hydrodynamic laws and their applications, which are indispensable and a critical factor in the development and utilization of water resources.

Hydraulics is one of the basic courses of civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, architecture, and engineering physics. This science focuses on the laws of fluid dynamics and their interactions with the boundaries.

The main objective of this course is to develop the following:

- Understanding of the basic concepts and related theories of hydraulics

- Innovation consciousness and scientific literacy

- Analysis and the ability to solve the hydraulic problems met in practice

The course content focuses on basic theories:

- Physical and mechanical properties of fluid

- Hydrostatics

- Hydrokinematics

- Hydrodynamics

- Dimensional analysis and similitude

- Flow resistance and energy loss

Hydraulics will expose you to important and interesting applications of mathematics and mechanics in engineering. You’ll participate in experiments and view videos in this class. If you take this course, you will not only gain expertise, but also have fun and know more about the nature about hydraulics in a fun and engaging way.