Human Rights Theory and Philosophy (edX)

Human Rights Theory and Philosophy (edX)
Explore what is meant by human rights through learning about the development of the conventional understanding of universal human rights as well as some of the major critiques of the concept. The course commences through exploring the development of the conventional understanding of universal human rights and then moves to critiquing this concept from cultural relativist, postmodern, postcolonial and feminist perspectives. It also examines understandings of human rights from a range of cultural and religious perspectives as well as other contemporary rights issues.

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Developing an awareness of contemporary issues in human rights is important in professions such as education, health, law, social work and development work, both in the public and private sector. You can also benefit from human rights knowledge in a voluntary capacity, advocating social justice, peace or building a sustainable future.

This course is part of the CurtinX Human Rights MicroMasters program.

What you'll learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

- describe and critique human rights theories and philosophies

- critically analyse political, policy and moral issues using a human rights framework

Course Syllabus

Week 1: What do we mean by human rights?

Week 2: Modern perspectives on human rights

Week 3: Constructing human rights: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Week 4: Human rights and the cultural relativist and postmodern critiques

Week 5: Human rights and the postcolonial and decolonial critiques

Week 6: Human rights beyond western perspectives

Week 7: Indigenous rights

Week 8: Human rights and the feminist critiques

Week 9: Sexual Orientation, gender identity and human rights

Week 10: Disability and human rights

Week 11: Human rights and seeking asylum

Week 12: Human rights, the environment and the Anthropocene

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