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Human Capital - Managing Your Most Important Asset (SoundviewPro)

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Learn to become a better leader and liberate your staff to achieve their best. Find and leverage talent by uniting people according to their strengths. Also includes two special classes for entrepreneurs to guide and grow their companies.

Secure the Best and Brightest and Liberate Them to Realize Their Potential. You want to build a powerhouse startup or take an existing company to new heights? Derrick Miles can help you do both because he’s done both. In the process, he’s gained tremendous insight into how to manage human capital to get people to perform at their best. Have you ever wondered why private equity firms are consistently recruiting the best and brightest talent in today’s business environment? In this course, you’ll learn the secrets of human capital management and why the best leaders liberate, rather than control their people. You’ll discover the process to turn individuals into a more cohesive, productive team. You’ll gain insight into why great companies don’t throw people away once a weakness is discovered. Miles also helps you settle the long-standing debate over whether the best companies are stocked with stars or team players. This course includes two special classes specifically for entrepreneurs. In the first of these classes, Miles reveals the surprisingly simple secret to prevent a hiring disaster that can sink your start-up. The second start-up centric class helps entrepreneurs find peace with their most difficult tasks: knowing when and how to let go.

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