Jun 6th 2017

HTML5 Part 2: Advanced Techniques for Designing HTML5 Apps (edX)

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Sharpen your design skills to deliver innovative applications in HTML5! Want to learn advanced HTML5 techniques? Discover the powerful Web features that will help you create great content and apps.

This course follows “HTML5 Part 1: HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices.” In HTML5 Part 2, the experts from the World Wide Web Consortium continue the exploration of HTML5-based APIs, but also introduce other advanced features related to HTML5, such as Web components, advanced multimedia, audio for music and games, and more.

You will learn by doing, study interactive examples, and have fun with proposed development projects. During this HTML5 course you’ll create an HTML5 game, so jump in and start learning!

What you'll learn:

- Advanced multimedia features with the Track and WebAudio APIs

- HTML5 games techniques

- Web Components and Service Workers APIs

- Persistence techniques for data storage including IndexedDB, File upload and download, Drag’n’Drop

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