Oct 10th 2016

How to Teach High School Geometry (edX)

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Learn effective high school geometry lesson planning and teaching strategies to create a successful math classroom for both you and your students. Are you thinking about teaching high school math? Learning how to implement effective teaching strategies is essential to creating a successful environment for both you and your students. In this education and teacher training course, you will learn, from experts at Teach for America, how to teach introductory fundamental geometry concepts and empower students to explore math on their own.

You will have the opportunity to engage in creative teaching practices and learn new ways to imagine and visualize approaches for teaching geometry. You will also learn best practices to better support student learning in a math classroom. If you are preparing for or considering teaching geometry, this course will be ideal for you as you explore effective classroom instructional strategies, operations and better understand the foundational content you will teach in a high school geometry class across diverse student communities.

This course includes a weekly module that covers teaching strategies while also introducing commonly taught high school geometry content including:

- segment/angle addition

- basic and parallel/transversal line angle

- angle relationships

- perpendicular and parallel linear equations

You can jump between lessons to quickly review geometry content and classroom strategies relevant to your learning interests. This course covers geometry curriculum typically covered in high school classroom and Common Core State Standards (CCSS) alignment is indicated where applicable. No prerequisite knowledge is required, however, basic algebra skills will be useful (as well as a strong desire to make an engaging and inclusive geometry class)!

What you'll learn:

- Effective and engaging teaching strategies for math classrooms aligned with career and college ready standards

- How to teach geometry concepts

- Student investment, classroom community building, and culturally relevant teaching strategies that develop students' mathematical mindsets and individual ownership of learning

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