Feb 1st 2016

Graphene and 2-dimensional Materials (Coursera)

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Gain a foundational understanding of the world of 2-dimensional materials, including Graphene. This course provides an overview of this exciting new field of study, starting with the concept of what a 2-dimensional material is, how they are produced, their unique and superlative properties, and the range of potential applications.

The new field of 2-dimensional (2-d) materials has seen exponential growth since the isolation of graphene, a single atomic layer of carbon atoms, at University of Manchester in 2004. What is a 2-d material, and how is it different to 3-dimensional materials that we encounter every day? How does the 2-d nature affect the material’s properties, for instance, how do electrons living in a 2-d world behave? How would we harness the unique properties of 2-d materials and put them to use in real-world applications? We will answer these questions and more in this course on Graphene and other 2-d materials.

The course will describe how a number of key aspects of the broader field of nanomaterials are applied to study 2-d materials, including methods of production such as chemical vapour deposition, characterisation techniques such as Raman spectroscopy and electron microscopy, and the production of nano-electronic and nano-composite structures.

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