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Graph Search: A Free Two-Hour Python Course (UW)

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Have you ever wondered how social networks find people to suggest as new friends? If you have two hours, you can find out right now!

Finding friends online, solving a Rubik's cube and searching for new pages on the internet are all connected by something called Graph Search, which is useful for new programmers to learn as early as possible.

In our two-hour Graph Search mini-course, you will learn about social networks, Rubik's cubes and search engines as we cover Depth-First Search, Breadth-First Search and Topological Sort. With the knowledge you gain in Graph Search, you'll be a step ahead in your next programming course, and better prepared for future technical interviews.

This course is part of a research project powered by the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Washington.

Note: This course uses code in Python and assumes some familiarity with:

- variables

- arrays

- dictionaries

- functions

- parameters

- returns

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