Google Ads Course for Beginners - From Zero to PPC Hero (FutureLearn)

Google Ads Course for Beginners - From Zero to PPC Hero (FutureLearn)
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Google Ads Course for Beginners - From Zero to PPC Hero (FutureLearn)
Get to grips with how to successfully run a Google Ads account and help increase its profitability. Learn how to set up, implement and analyse a Google Ads account. Understanding how the Google Ads auction works is a key skill for any business to have in this increasingly digital world. Over the duration of this informative digital marketing course, you’ll decipher how to set up and execute a profitable Google Ads campaign from scratch, improving your knowledge of this vital digital marketing strategy along the way.

This course does not have open access anymore.

Discover how to set up a Google Ads campaign from scratch

You’ll get the know-how into how Google Ads work, and will also be given the skills in order to to plan and implement a PPC campaign for yourself.

You’ll also cover strategies which you can use to find keywords in which to target via keyword research; an essential first step of running a successful PPC campaign for any business.

Identify ways to optimise a Google Ads account

Once you’ve covered the basics, you’ll identify ways in which to optimise a Google Ads account in order to increase profitability via lowering CPC, improving conversions and optimising for the best performing keywords.

This will incorporate the key elements of bidding strategies, conversion tracking and Google Ad extensions, such as call to action buttons, location information and links to specific parts of a website.

Learn from a leading expert in Google Ads and PPC campaigns

You’ll be guided throughout the course by Joshua George, founder and owner of leading digital marketing agency ClickSlice.

With over 20 successful Google Ads campaigns implemented for clients across multiple industries, you’ll gain real in-depth insight from an expert within the digital marketing field and will ultimately understand how to use Google Ads.

What topics will you cover?

- Keyword research For Google Ads

- Creating your ads

- Bidding strategies

- Google Ads dynamics

- Ad extensions

- Conversion tracking

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

- how to set up a Google ads campaign from scratch

- your understanding of how Google ads work

- strategies you can use to find keywords to target

- how to optimise a google ads account to increase its profitability

- how to set up conversion tracking

Who is the course for?

This course is a great fit for anyone who would like to learn more about Google Ads and how they work.

This could include digital marketers, agency owners and or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).