Global Project Management – Best Practices for Success MOOC (CSS)

Global Project Management – Best Practices for Success MOOC (CSS)
This course will provide an end-to-end exploration of best practices related to global project management. We will establish awareness of the trend toward globalization. From there we review and share best practice global project framework models while maintaining awareness of the unique attributes associated with each individual project situation. Finally, we will delve into deep dive studies of key global project attributes such as cultural intelligence, global project team development, global project leadership, global communications competencies, global communications, global negotiations and finally global project collaboration practices.

Our world is becoming more interconnected as each day moves forward. Globalization is impacting organization in all industries in a positive manner by connecting people across the world in a collaborative global market. However, with this growth in global partnership comes a greater deal of complexity. Specifically, we are experiencing a higher degree of project work across all regions of the world and we must be prepared to work in a complex environment due to differences in language, time zone, culture and process maturity.

Course outcomes

- Develop an understanding of the impact that globalization has on the field of project management

- Gain an understanding of the attributes that make global projects unique while exploring existing global project management and delivery frameworks

- Become aware of Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

- Explore leadership from the global project management lens

- Prepare for the increased complexities associated with global project communications

- Examine the complexities associated with cross-cultural project negotiations

- Prepare for development of an inclusive global project collaboration framework

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