Mar 23rd 2014

Get A Grasp! A Primer MOOC To Get Your Comic Book Project Started (MakingComics)

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Participants will, in the span of four weeks, develop a well-rounded understanding of a comic project concept that is intended for production. The course specifically examines that which require attention before starting a comic book project.

Students will:

- Be able to present a rounded concept for a comic book project that includes start and ending dates

- Connect to an active and friendly community of comic creators that is facilitated to provide ubiquitous support and encouragement.

- Understand the various complexities that are needed of comic creators, from within various professional iterations, prior to starting a comic creation project.

Pre Course Readings:
“What is a Graphic Novel?” by Jessica Abel
"Taste Vs. Ability” by Ira Glass & Mark Luetke

Suggested Readings:

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