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Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity (Udemy)

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Overview of the main landmarks and institutions in the fight for gender equality and the rights of sexual minorities

From the perspective of human rights and non-discrimination, the course will touch on topics such as the history of the fight for gender equality and sexual minorities’ rights, relevant international norms and institutions, violence and other forms of discrimination, as well as public policies to promote gender equality and sexual diversity.

The complete course consists in 30 video lessons of about 12 minutes each. They will be uploaded at a rate of around 4 lessons a week for an 8-week period, starting from August 31st. Once they are uploaded, they will remain available permanently at Udemy, so you may watch them whenever you want.

What are the requirements?

- There are no requeriments, you only need an Internet conection. The transcripts and extra material files are in PDF format.

- You don't need any background or experience in the area to take the course.

- This is not a legal course, it has some legal concepts, but they are explained in the lessons. Also, for each video we provide a glossary which you may download.

What am I going to get from this course?

- Became familiar with basic concepts and definitions

- Learn about the history of the fight against discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation

- Became familiar with international norms and institutions

- Learn about different public policies for the fight against discrimination

What is the target audience?

Everyone interested in issues related to gender equality and sexual minorities


Section 1: Concepts and Definitions

Section 2: History of the Fight against Discrimination due to Gender and Sexual Orientation

Section 3: The International Factor

Section 4: Critical Forms of Discrimination

Section 5: Other Forms of Violence

Section 6: Public Policy

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