Mar 12th 2014

Future of Fashion (Marist College)

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Developed and administered entirely by students, this 12-module free online course will guide participants through the theories of trend movement, the history of street fashion, how to spot and contextualize important trends and finally, creating a digital "portfolio" of street-style observations. A typical module might include a web exploration, an image gallery, a brief reading and guiding questions.

Although they are designed to be completed on a weekly basis, users may progress through the sections entirely at their own pace. Once three modules have been completed, a quiz will be administered and participants will be able to move forward through the next three. Quizzes assess completion of course content and can be taken multiple times.

Most importantly, the Future of Fashion MOOC is a fun, fast-moving project that will enhance anyone's understanding of fashion, trend, style and culture. Take it alone, or with a friend!

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