Oct 17th 2016

Food, Nutrition & Your Health (Open2Study)

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Walk through the basics of nutrition, how eating disorders develop, and learn the benefits of various diets. Ever wondered what really makes a healthy diet? In Food, Nutrition & Your Health you will learn the basic concepts of nutrition, as well as how to follow a diet that will protect you from various health problems. Starting with the building blocks of basic nutrition, you will learn how these can impact your digestion, energy and health. Find out how eating disorders develop, including the genetic, cultural and psychological factors involved. Finally, you will learn about various diets, including the social and biological factors that have contributed to their evolution.

What will you learn?

- An outline of the chemistry of the basic nutrients, how they are ingested, digested, absorbed and finally egested

- Various ethnic and geographic factors relating to diet

- What metabolism is and how food is utilised to build up body tissues

- How the body is affected by:

- Under-nutrition

- Over-nutrition

- Obesity, and how it contributes to morbidity and mortality

- The biological and psychological factors responsible for abnormal eating patterns

- The characteristics of anorexia and bulimia

- The various other eating disorders commonly observed

- The underlying nutritional fallacies of some of the fad diets

- An understanding of why some diets are good and what the nutritional and health benefits of these are

- How to construct a healthful menu