May 10th 2016

FlotRisCo: Seaside communities facing coastal risks (EMMA)

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The objective of this MOOC is to give you a set of tools to better understand coastal risks and to develop the broadest possible understanding of coastal vulnerability. Two "witness" territories will be compared: the Breton coast in France and the coast of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Quebec. Comprehensive and easy to follow, in this MOOC you will learn everything you need to know about the risk of erosion and coastal flooding!

Where are we in the knowledge of the risks of erosion and submersion? Does the risk of erosion and flooding are changing with climate change? What are the means of prevention to overcome these challenges? How to manage the erosion of the coastline? The Mooc FlotRisCo will try to answer these questions. This course builds on methods developed in the framework of an interdisciplinary research program bringing together geographers, geologists, lawyer, economists, psychologists, etc. to the University of Brittany Western (UBO) and to the University of Québec in Rimouski (UQAR) and various institutions.

After completing this MOOC you will have knowledge of coastal risk management of erosion and flooding. This course gives a comprehensive view of coastal risks.

The course teaches you :

- what are the risks of erosion and flooding in France and Quebec and their consequences

- the various issues facing these hazards on two different territory

- what vulnarabilité a coastal territory and how appréenhendé

- gives you tools to prevent the geographical risk