Oct 17th 2016

Financial Planning (Open2Study)

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Explore a career in financial planning, including working with clients and the financial planning process.

Understand the role of a financial adviser when it comes to their clients' financial futures, and assist them with preparing for risks such as sickness or accidents. This subject will introduce you to the career of a financial adviser, including the client and adviser relationship, the financial planning process and investment fundamentals, and could spur you onto further study in this field.

Disclaimer: This subject is not for the providing of financial advice and is offered for educational purposes only.

What will I learn?

- What is involved in working as a financial adviser, including:

. Important personal attributes of a professional financial adviser

- The key elements of the relationship between a financial adviser and client, including:

. How to build rapport with clients

. Effective communication skills

. Record keeping and confidentiality

- A six-step financial planning process, including:

. Collecting client data

. Carrying out research and analysis

. Creating a financial plan

. Implementing and reviewing the plan

- The principles of investment, including:

. Investment risk

. Making investment decisions