Aug 7th 2017

Financial Literacy (Open2Study)

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Develop your knowledge of personal finance, such as how to control, invest and protect your finances. You will be shown how to set your goals and how to achieve those goals using an established, working savings plan. You will then learn the basic skills to get you started on building your wealth and then you will be shown the common mistakes people make with managing their money.

What will you learn:

- The difference between lifestyle goals and financial goals

- How the two are interconnected

- How to construct a savings plan using your income and your expenses

- How to use that savings plan to achieve your financial goals

- The basics steps to starting to invest

- The 10% rule

- The difference between savings and investments

- The basic risks involved with debt

- How compound interest works

- You will be introduced to three forms of investment or asset classes

- How to identify and avoid financial scams

- How to avoid some of the common mistakes people make with their finances

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