Essentials of Nonprofit Strategy (NovoEd)

Essentials of Nonprofit Strategy (NovoEd)
A nonprofit's strategy determines whether the organization will sink or swim. Nonetheless, nonprofit leaders are often unable or unwilling to plan in the short-term to achieve long-lasting social change. This course will help you develop successful strategies to achieve your organization's goals and make strides towards meaningful impact.

Using the social problems of homelessness and childhood obesity as real world examples, you will learn how to undertake the basic elements of strategy: defining the problem, identifying stakeholders, designing a theory of change and logic model, and establishing assessment criteria. With this foundation, you will be able to develop strategies that will ensure long-term impact for your own organizations—rather than just the illusion of results.

What You'll Do:

- Identify the milestones in designing a strategy for an effective nonprofit organization.

- Workshop a real world problem and apply your new knowledge of strategy to another social issue or to your own organization.

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