Dec 7th 2015

Engineering Self-Reflection for Human Completion (Coursera)

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Through self-reflection, you learn the principle and methodology to find the causes that prevent you from living freely. When you practice the methodology, you can eliminate the causes and navigate your life completely, with your free will. This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning and practicing self-reflection.

Have you ever seriously reflected on yourself? It is difficult to do because you spend your busy life every day with so much to do. Therefore, you are always looking forward, looking ahead. It is not easy to stop and take time to reflect on yourself. Research shows that if you reflect on yourself through meditation or writing a diary, you can work more efficiently and become a successful leader.

In this lecture, I will introduce a practical methodology of self-reflection meditation. It is also a sustainable methodology you can practice in ordinary life. You will check your path in life, and you can understand yourself better in social relationships. You can concentrate on the purpose of your life through self-reflection. Examples from nature and air vehicles are also used as corollaries to demonstrate how to live a fulfilling life.

After reflecting on yourself according to this methodology, you will know clearly your character, your pattern of response, past trauma and your current problems. If you eliminate the negative mind of the causes of the problem, your inner positive strength will be revealed. And more, you will also learn the methodology to live a free and complete life. It is highly recommended for students with engineering and science backgrounds to enroll in such a humanities course to achieve a balanced education and life.

Human completion is to exceed your boundaries and live with your neighbors in the world in happiness and harmony. This is a totally new methodology.

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