Oct 17th 2016

Emergency Management (Open2Study)

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Learn the concepts, principles and practice of Emergency Management through real-world case studies. This course will take you on a journey through contemporary risk-based emergency management. From the origins of risk management in the ancient world, to new hazards and risk management approaches of the industrial era, command and control models introduced in the Cold War era, to more contemporary “all-hazards” to current “risk management” approaches. You will explore the rapidly growing and increasingly influential discipline through a study of real-world risk understanding, reduction, readiness, response and recovery examples. You will have opportunities to discuss what you learn with other students and build and test your growing knowledge through accessible tests.

What will you learn?

- An understanding of the history of emergency management , including recent trends and changes

- The essentials of contemporary emergency management

- Fundamentals of risk analysis, reduction and mitigation

- Basics of emergency response coordination

- Theory, structure, processes and challenges of disaster recovery

- The critical role of communities, of all sorts, in building resilience and readiness, response and recovery

- An insight into actual emergency management experiences