Apr 25th 2014

DNA - From Structure to Therapy (iversity)

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DNA stores our genetic information. Alterations might result in cancer and other diseases. Share our fascination for DNA and find out how its structure confers great versatility and allows for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

We encounter it every day without even knowing it. It is written inside, outside and all around us. DNA encodes the traits we have inherited from our parents, sets the foundation of diagnostic and forensics research (as featured in TV series like CSI) and if its sequences are altered, can lead to the most incurable diseases. We will introduce you to models and whiteboard sequences based on milestone experiments, providing you with basic knowledge about DNA structures and functions. You will understand biomedical approaches for diagnostics and therapy and become a part of our fascination with DNA and its life-changing possibilities.

Participants will be able to answer the following questions after completing the course:

- Why and how has DNA become one of the most powerful tools in research?

- How does DNA look and why is DNA structure so important?

- What do the terms cell division, mitosis, transcription, translation and mutation mean?

- Why is it so hard to find a cure for cancer?

- For which diseases is DNA technology used as a diagnostic tool?

- For which diseases may DNA-based technology help developing a therapy?

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