Oct 5th 2015

DIY Media and Information Literacy (ECO Project)

Guided by EOL, the " DIY MIL " MOOC avatar , the participant is invited to think about the « Do It Yourself » philosophy and Media and Information Literacy.

The DIY MIL answers to your questions on MIL : Why ? Who ? What ? How ?

- It combines theory and practices.

- It gives you the appropriate tools to create a MIL project ( learning objectives, competences, evaluation).

- It opens a community and professional space for teachers and practitioners who would like to share, exchange, create and disseminate MIL projects.

The philosophy of the DIY is :

- The « DO » : the discovery and implementation of the MIL spirit ,the development of a specific atmosphere , a philosophy within creative and participatory practices.

- The « I » for « IT » : the study of MIL successful and good practices from schools or NGO environment. Practices to imitate, transform and get inspired in the DO spirit.

- The « Y » for « YOURSELF » : Elaboration of a road map to implement a MIL project and targeted use of WEB 2.0 tools.

- DIY often leads to SWO « Share With Others »: Participatory and collaborative work and learning.

Learning goals:

- To be able to :

Understand the issues of MIL in the digital era

Identify the key operational concepts of MIL

Know and combine MIL competences in a pedagogical project

- To know how to :

Create a MIL project : set up of the various steps required to its implementation

Evaluate a MIL project