Jul 6th 2015

Digital.Me: Managing your Digital Self (Canvas net)

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This course is an exploration of the meaning and application of digital literacy. It will help you to develop relevant skills and knowledge to understand and analyse the quality of your digital footprint, to harvest the “power of the web” to your advantage, and to increase your ability to use technology to improve your professional and personal life.

Throughout this course we will look at literacy from a learning and work, home and citizenship perspective and explore what it means in these circumstances. Being digitally savvy is not always the same as being digitally literate and literacy is now a critical part of being successful in all these areas as technology and all it offers comes to bear on every aspect of our lives.

The course will build as a narrative through six modules, each one using what has been taken from the previous modules. Each will be badged separately and an E-Certificate for successful completion to a standard will be awarded. If you are looking to create a positive digital reputation or improve your existing one through a new job or higher education, then this course is for you.