Digitally Enhanced Learning & Teaching (Canvas net)

Digitally Enhanced Learning & Teaching (Canvas net)
Everyone is talking ‘digital’ - digital curriculum, digital learning & teaching - but what do we really understand about taking higher education into the digital age? In this course we explore the what it means to be both a teacher and a student in the digital age, and how we can best deploy the new opportunities that digital technologies bring, both to online and on campus learning and teaching.

The course is highly interactive, and uses a wide variety of online techniques and tools.

Topics covered include:

- Definitions of the digital curriculum and digitally enhanced learning & teaching

- The digital natives, digital immigrants, digital wisdom debate

- Constructivism and collaborative learning & teaching

- Constructing blended learning

- Digital learning & teaching tools

- Mentoring and facilitating in a digital environment

Course Aims:

- To provide course participants with the opportunity to learn alongside, and from, a wide variety of people working in educational settings;

- To allow course participants to experience the use of digital learning and teaching tools and techniques

- To encourage the structured adoption of digital learning & teaching pedagogies into mainstream education.

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