Nov 25th 2015

Developing Windows 10 UWP Apps – Part 3 (edX)

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Learn to develop a Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform app that truly comes to life with features like cloud service integration, background tasks, and geo-fencing. This course is part three of a three-part programming series.

Use C# and XAML to develop Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform apps that you will be proud to publish to the new Windows store. In part three of this three-part programming series (three x 4-week courses) you develop an app that connects to the cloud for data and services, implements notifications, geofencing, and live tiles, and includes advanced features such as speech-to-text and inking. Put your existing C#/XAML skills to work creating apps for the new Windows app store.

*IMPORTANT: This course will NOT teach C#, XAML or programming basics. Prior experience programming in C# and XAML is required.

What you'll learn:

- Azure service integration

- Background tasks and communication

- Live Tiles and notifications

- Geofencing and map integration

- Speech-to-text integration

- Windows store publishing and monetization