Mar 21st 2016

Developing Windows 10 UWP Apps – Part 2 (edX)

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Learn to develop a Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform app that implements the MVVM pattern and presents an adaptive UI that automatically adjusts to look great on any Windows 10 device (phone, tablet, or PC). This course is part two of a three-part programming series.

Use C# and XAML to develop Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform apps that look great on any Windows 10 device. In part two of this three-part programming series (three x 4-week courses) you develop an MVVM app with an adaptive UI that looks great running on phones, tablets, and PCs. You will also learn to develop Windows 10 navigation and menu structures, integrate Cortana into your app, and manage the built-in camera of mobile device. Put your existing C#/XAML skills to work creating apps for the new Windows app store.

*IMPORTANT: This course will NOT teach C#, XAML or programming basics.

Prior experience programming in C# and XAML is required.

What you'll learn:

- MVVM implementation

- Command Bars, Nav Panes, and Context Menus

- Cortana integration

- Camera and media integration

- Adaptive UI development targeting multiple device families


Completion of the first course in this series.
209.1x Developing Windows 10 UWP Apps - Part 1


1. Experience with developing Windows store apps with C# and XAML.


2. Completion of the following courses:
DEV204x Programming with C#
DEV206.1x Introduction to XAML and Application Development

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