Mar 21st 2016

Developing Windows 10 Universal Apps - Part 1 (edX)

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Learn the essentials of Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform app development. Learn to design and develop a responsive user interface using tools that are optimized for Windows 10 app developers. This course is part one of a three-part programming series. Take your first step in using C# and XAML to develop Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform apps. In part one of this three-part programming series (three x 4-week courses) you develop a responsive UI that automatically adapts as the app window changes size.

You will also learn to implement XAML data binding and basic application lifecycle management. Put your existing C# and XAML skills to work creating apps for the new Windows app store.


This course will NOT teach C#, XAML or programming basics.

Prior experience programming in C# and XAML is required.

What you'll learn:

- Windows 10 UWP app design

- Responsive UI development

- XAML data binding with SQLite

- App lifecycle management