Developing SQL Databases (edX)

Developing SQL Databases (edX)
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Knowledge of writing T-SQL queries. Knowledge of basic relational database concepts.
Developing SQL Databases (edX)
Learn the technologies and features needed to create and design SQL databases, including how to implement SQL views, indexes and tables. Database development is more than just creating a table with rows and columns. This computer science course introduces features and technologies for implementing a database.

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Topics include:

- Logical table design

- Ensuring Data Integrity

- Indexes

- Views

This courses focuses on the creation of database objects including views, stored procedures, columnstore indexes, and more.

Students considering this course should be familiar with fundamental database concepts.

This course is part of the Microsoft SQL Database Development XSeries.

What you'll learn:

- Designing a normalized relational database schema

- Designing and Implementing Tables

- Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints

- Creating Indexes

- Implementing Views

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