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Develop Project Management Skills (learn

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Are you excited to develop skills in managing projects and to see how an idea grows and turns into an influencing initiative? Project management is a dynamic process of delivering new products, services and infrastructure, managing team interactions and aligning project objectives with your business' goals and vision. Effective project management skills will help you bring a project into successful completion while creating a collaborative, motivating and inspiring team environment.

BSBPMG522 - Undertake Project Work

What You Will Learn

This course will guide you towards developing a deeper understanding of project complexities, dynamics and team interactions. You will learn to achieve project goals and objectives while enhancing the innovative, collaborative and creative efforts of your project team. By the end of this course, you will have know-how and skills in time management, cost management, quality assurance, anticipating and managing risks, effective communication skills, and much more! This course is designed as an active experience when you have an opportunity to take control over your learning and connect your own experiences with the course concepts.

Target Skills

This course will help you develop skills required to manage projects effectively and to become an inspiring team leader helping your team achieve project outcomes and reach everyone's potential to the fullest.

- Define a project

- Develop a project plan

- Administer and monitor a project

- Finalise a project

- Review a project

Get Certified

This course is part of the following qualifications:
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
Certificate IV in Business

Course Overview

Week 1: About project management

In Week 1, you will get to know all the fundamentals of project management. You will learn what projects, project management and the three project constraints are. We will experience a short 'time travel' when we'll look at the history of project management (you will be surprised!). You will also become familiar with five phases of project management and effective tools in project management.

Week 2: Elements of project management

In Week 2, we will learn about key elements in project management and how they may affect a project. The elements examples include, project management tools, team roles, legislation and the most common problems which may occur during the project and project methodologies used in project management.

Week 3: Initiating a project

We will explore the first phase of a project life cycle 'Initiating a project'. We will learn about the aspects of project initiation (and why it's so important): project purpose and aims, deliverables, goals and objectives, project parameters, selecting your team, project stakeholders and key documents and tools.

Week 4: Planning a project (Part 1)

In Week 4, we will concentrate on the planning phase of a project lifecycle. We will discover various planning considerations and we will learn to develop plans, identify and assign tasks, to anticipate and manage risks and also develop awesome project teams!

Week 5: Planning a project (Part 2)

In Week 5, we will continue with the planning phase. We will dig deeper into time and cost management and we will explore the art of anticipation and risk management. Last but not least, we will learn how to create a passionate and creative culture in your project team. Already excited?

Week 6: Implementing a project plan

We will move to the third phase of a project lifecycle - project implementation. We will explore leadership and management styles, problem-solving methods and how to improve and support team performance through coaching and mentoring.

Week 7: Monitoring a project

In Week 7, we will focus on monitoring the project and implementing project controls. We will learn what the project controls are, why and how to adjust existing KPIs and how to create and deliver effective progress reports.

Week 8: Closing a project

In Week 8, we will focus on project closure including review, reflections, feedback and what improvements can be made in future projects. We will reflect on a project experience and lessons learnt.

Week 9: The finish line!

In this very last week, you will have a great opportunity to complete your Major Tasks you've been working on throughout the course. You can double-check your answers and documents and make sure you've included everything required. You can still make changes if needed. In Week 9, you will finish the course, celebrate your achievements and get ready for another course :). You can also ask for feedback or peer review (we strongly recommend it).

Please note, there will be a 2-week break over the holiday period from 19/12/2016 to 1/1/2017. No modules will be released during this time. Everyone can enjoy their holiday and end of year break and recommence their course on 2/1/2017.

This is an interactive and fun course! Get to know each other, have meaningful discussions and really take ownership of your own learning process.

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