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Are you looking to become a five-star networker for your organisation or business? This course will help you develop the skills necessary to establish and maintain effective work relationships and networks.

BSBREL401 - Establish Networks

The ability to build relationships and utilise negotiation skills within and across organisations is key for every workplace professional. Whilst you may naturally build rapport and connect with others easily, delving deeper into the world of networking processes and strategies will ensure you maximise business opportunities at events, conferences, meetups and exhibitions to achieve your networking goals.

What You Will Learn

This course explores the essential elements of effective networking. You will get to develop your skills through participating in professional networks and applying networking and negotiation skills to a simulated business scenario. What you learn throughout the course is directly applicable to your own workplace.

Target Skills

This course will help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to establish and maintain effective work relationships. This includes relationship-building skills and negotiation skills useful for employees, freelance or contract workers alike.

- Develop and maintain business networks

- Establish and maintain business relationships

- Promote the relationship

Get Certified

This course is part of the Certificate IV in Business.

Course Overview

Week 1: Identifying networking opportunities

In Week 1, we will look at ways to identify networking opportunities by doing research, understanding different networking objectives and evaluating our best opportunities.

Week 2: Network strategies

In Week 2, we will look at different network strategies and approaches and learn how to write a report to explain the costs and benefits of new networking opportunities.

Week 3: Maintaining network strategies

In Week 3, we will look at how to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your networking relationships using different tools and feedback.

Week 4: The finish line!

This week, you get to share your work from the Major Tasks including your presentation, negotiation role-play, and reflection that you have been working on throughout the course.

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