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Develop and Manage a Digital Product (DBA)

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Want to transform your product ideas into reality? This course will introduce you tools and methods product designers use to design, test, and ultimately create apps and digital products. You will learn how to brainstorm product ideas, draw wireframes, interview customers, and even code your first site!

What will I learn?

- What product development and product management is

- What a product vision is, and how to document it

- What a persona is and how it is used to focus product development

- How to create wireframes

- How to test product ideas with real people

- What agile development is

- How agile development and Kanban boards are used to manage products

Who is it for?

- You have an idea for an app but don’t know where to start

- You have an app, website, or another digital product, but not sure what to do next

- You work with developers or designers, and are not sure how to communicate with them

What’s involved?

- Introduction - 4 videos, 1 quiz

- Create a Product Vision - 9 videos, 1 quiz, 3 assignments

- Design a Product - 7 videos, 1 quiz, 2 assignments

- Testing Products - x videos, 1 quiz, 2 assignments

- Manage Product Development - 7 videos, 1 quiz, 2 assignments

- Code a Website - 1 video, 1 assignment