Oct 10th 2016

Determine Your Readiness for MBA Studies (Canvas net)

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Keiser University Graduate School’s exploratory course, “Determine Your Readiness for MBA Studies” has been structured to provide you with an overview of a graduate learners' journey toward earning a MBA, Specialist, or DBA degree. Participating in this MOOC will help you to understand the challenges and rewards of graduate school.

The course involves a series of short modules that will explore critical thinking, learning styles, personality types, and various potential academic programs. Additionally, you can explore with graduate faculty facilitators the skills necessary to complete a degree, the funding options available, resources for academic and student support, and a potential pathway for your academic success. Graduate school faculty and staff will facilitate your journey through the MOOC by answering questions and challenging you to explore your potential as a graduate student.

Participants will examine the essential elements of graduate school and develop:

- an understanding of critical thinking skills and the ability to identify learning styles as a graduate student

- a connection between your own typology and an area of graduate school

- a better understanding of your potential as an adult learner and graduate student

- a broad understanding of what it takes to earn a graduate degree and the advantages of a graduate degree

- an appreciation for how your personality can contribute to your success as a graduate student

- the ability to communicate with graduate faculty to find the answers to all your questions about beginning a graduate degree

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