Jun 20th 2016

Determine Your Readiness for Doctoral Studies (Canvas net)

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Determine Your Readiness for Doctoral Studies is a course for individuals interested in discovering what it takes to complete a doctorate. You will learn about critical thinking, how people learn and what part personality plays in how individuals learn.

This four-week course uses videos to inspire class discussions. Quizzes help students discover how their individual learning styles and personalities play a role in completing advanced graduate work. Reflective journaling on interesting reading assignments allow students to make sense of what they are learning. The course ends with an exploration of four Ph.D. programs and an opportunity to ask questions of the program chairs of each.


- Gain a broad understanding of what it takes to earn a PhD and the advantages of a PhD.

- Understand your potential as a learner and thinker.

- Appreciate how your personality can contribute to your success as a PhD candidate.

- Find answers all of your questions about beginning a PhD program.