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Designing Advanced Applications using XAML (edX)

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Learn XAML skills to develop applications that are visually compelling and use modern design patterns.

This app development course covers the advanced XAML skills necessary to deliver compelling applications for the Universal Windows Platform. The learner will gain experience developing re-usable XAML components with XAML markup and C# code using Visual Studio 2015. This course teaches both intermediate and advanced tasks that enable the learner to create applications that are testable, well-structured and go well beyond the basic XAML controls in look & feel. This course includes hands-on labs that enables the learner to learn the advanced XAML tasks that are the basic components of an enterprise-class XAML solution that can be deployed to solve real world problems.

What you'll learn:

- How to create new XAML components including: Dependency Properties, Attached Properties, Custom Controls and Control Templates.

- Use of Templating to alter the look & feel of a XAML control-button.

- Use of Styles to re-use design components throughout a XAML application

- Use of Behaviors and TypeConverters to create composable pieces of user interface logic that can be reused across multiple XAML applications.

- How to create dynamic interfaces using Animations and Storyboards

- Use of Triggers, Commands and Routed Events in your application.

- Implementation of the Model-View-View-Model pattern.