May 1st 2017

Design Practice in Business (edX)

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Learn the essentials of design practice for developing new business opportunities and sparking innovation.

Are you a design practitioner eager to become more strategic? Are you a business professional who wants to become more innovative? In this course, made by the world’s first strategic design school, you’ll follow the lead of big successful companies who already create new business opportunities and spark innovation by practicing design.

This course will introduce you to a hands-on design approach for finding new business opportunities. You will experience first-hand how design can be of value for your organisation. You’ll be challenged to create your own concepts that generate new business opportunities.

This course is produced by the same team that created the Strategic Product Design master programme at TU Delft, one of the oldest and most established programmes of strategic design in the world. Moreover, industry experts will help bridging design practice and business theory in a way that is unique in the present educational landscape.

What you'll learn:

- How practicing design at a strategic level makes your organisation more innovative

- Ways designers discover new business opportunities

- Translating business insights into valuable concepts

- Making a concept a business success

- The pros and cons, the do’s and don’ts of design practice for business

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