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Delivering Exceptional Customer Service (SoundviewPro)

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Your organization’s customer service experience can be the difference between a “one-and-done” customer and a “promoter” who will create more customers for your company. Customer service expert Steve Curtin takes you through the seven keys to exceptional customer service.

Make Your Service Memorable for All the Right Reasons. Customers are the reason your organization exists. This means that the way you serve each and every customer becomes the point that separates your company from the competition. What type of service experience are you delivering? Is it ordinary or is it exceptional? After a lengthy career in an industry whose sole focus is customer service , author and consultant Steve Curtin has spent the recent past working with organizations to define and deliver the best customer service. In this course, he offers you seven market-tested keys to exceptional service. You’ll begin the course with a class on helping your employees move away from job function and move toward job essence. Curtin describes the steps you need to take to help your employees find initiative and take action. He also explains the process to give your employees motivation to pursue the essence of their jobs, rather than simply go through the motions. The course continues with a method to create genuine responses to customers, rather than the robotic interactions that (if you’re lucky) mask contempt for customers. You’ll learn why exceptional customer service is a choice that needs to be made by your employees. Curtin gives you the subtle ways you can establish a culture of service in which discretionary effort becomes your employees’ first thought. The course concludes with a lesson in what Curtin considers the highest priority of your organization, the creation of customers who spread the word about your company’s exceptional service. Each lesson is intertwined with personal stories from Curtin’s experiences both as a consultant and, most important, a customer.

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