October 2013

Dark Matter in Galaxies (iversity)

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There is something out there in space, something invisible we have a hard time to understand. But we can be certain of one thing: It played a major role in the formation of our and any other galaxy!

Study a Phenomenon, that does not (yet) have an explanation. Challenge the universe and use recent observations and smart techniques to get through the veil of this phenomenon. Become part of the generation of scientists that will unveil this 80 years old mystery or be among those who will witness that occurring.

Course Structure:

Chapter 1: The evidence of the phenomenon

Chapter 2: Introduction to Dark Matter

Chapter 3 :Galaxies

Chapter 4: Measuring the Universe

Chapter 5: Entering the issue

Chapter 6: The gravitational potential of galaxies

Chapter 7: Dark matter halos

Chapter 8: The essence of the DM phenomenon

Chapter 9: Mass modelling galaxies

Chapter 10: A deeper analysis on Dark Matter

Chapter 11: The Stellar properties of galaxies

Chapter 12: Conclusions

Learning Outcomes:

Levels of the course are Advanced, Regular, Basic.

- Students, in general, will learn an important and strategic subject of Astrophysics and Physics, at university level and will be able to successfully teach it at high school level.

- Advanced students will be able to get deep inside into the complex field of Dark Matter in Galaxies from one of the leading scientist in the field.

- Enthusiastic outsiders with only simple knowledge of Physics and Mathematics can enter one the biggest mystery of nature and get an understanding of the topic which allows them to follow its revelation.

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