Apr 2nd 2014

Creativity: Music to My Ears (NovoEd)

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With the power to cross borders and languages, music serves as a compelling tool for unlocking creative potential.
Creativity: Music to My Ears is a six week course designed to explore several factors that stimulate creativity in individuals, teams, and organizations.

In each session we will focus on a different variable related to creativity, such as reframing problems, connecting and combining ideas, and challenging assumptions. All of the projects in this experiential course will deal with some aspect of music, including listening, creating, and sharing. No musical talent is required - just an interest in exploring the role that music plays in our lives.

To deepen your understanding of music, throughout the course we will include video clips from experts in the music industry, including world-renowned Warner Music recording artists, Stanford music scholars, and industry executives who work to bring new and innovative musical expression to a global audience.

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