Feb 8th 2016

Creating an Ethical Corporate Culture (

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This course is designed to provide executives, managers, and supervisors the knowledge and tools to create and sustain an ethical culture in their company, department, or work group. Management theorists and ethics experts have increasingly concluded that this responsibility, to create and sustain the ethical organizational culture, is a fundamental task of every level of management.

Course participants will learn that managers select from four basic strategies to create an ethical organization and culture, and make use of ten basic tools to shape that culture and keep it strong. The course also addresses unavoidable challenges to an ethical culture. This course can be taken separately, but in part builds on "Business Ethics for the Real World," another Santa Clara University course offered on Canvas Network. No specific background or preparation is necessary.

Topics covered include:

- Module One: What is Corporate Culture? What is and Ethical Culture?

- Module Two: Strategies for Managing Ethics in the Organization

- Module Three: Tools for Managing the Ethical Corporate Culture

- Module Four: The Special Role of CEOs and Boards of Directors

Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

- Define ethics and various levels of ethics (business, organizational, personal, system)

- Describe values and their influence on ethics

- Explain the importance of roles and responsibilities on ethics

- Discuss ethical dilemmas and unavoidable ethical dilemmas

- Analyze various approaches in making ethical decisions

- Define the ethical decision model

- Apply ethical decision model to various case studies