Creating Engaging Environments for English Language Classrooms (Canvas net)

Creating Engaging Environments for English Language Classrooms (Canvas net)
This four-week, online course is designed for English language teachers. It provides key methods and strategies that will help you make students more engaged and focused, so they can learn more effectively. Each of the course’s four modules includes an introductory video, readings with reading guides, discussion questions, and a summative quiz.

Module 1: Applying different classroom management techniques

Module 2: Creating different grouping strategies

Module 3: Applying a variety of methods of differentiated instruction

Module 4: Incorporating project-based learning

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

- Identify the major components of classroom management.

- Identify specific classroom management techniques they can employ.

- Identify the benefits of group work in a variety of classroom contexts.

- Analyze different strategies for creating groups.

- Describe ways to utilize group work in their own teaching context.

- Describe different methods commonly used to differentiate instruction in large or small classes.

- Identify ways to differentiate instruction in their own classroom.

- Explain what Project-based Learning (PBL) is.

- Describe the essential elements of PBL.

- Identify projects that would be appropriate for their classes and students.

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