Nov 2nd 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility: New Market Conditions (Canvas net)

The world is changing. The combined effects of globalization, technologization and changing priorities have led to an awareness of the fact that we cannot keep consuming and developing at the expense of the environment, social commitments and our inner values (Ellis, 2010). This course is about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in new market conditions and focuses on business development. It will include some basics about CSR in a business context and will be structured around different classic business disciplines seen from the CSR perspective.

Several other terminologies like sustainability, green economy, circular economy etc. are used depending on the approach to this type of business development. There will be some clarification and discussion of these different terminologies throughout the course.

This course, “CSR - New market conditions” is based on 4 main principles:

- CSR as a navigation tool and driver of value creation

- A focus on a business approach where business is to be understood in a broad sense, also including non-profit business in the 21st century - the NEW way

- It is about development and doing things in a new way in order to create value for one’s own organization as well as for the surroundings – using CSR

- It is based on the thinking that public and private governance and basic interests are having more and more in common.

It will be possible for participants to obtain a certificate of completion.