Oct 15th 2013

Contemporary Architecture (iversity)

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Have you seen the world through the eyes of an architect? What would you do to make our buildings, cities and environment better? Take this journey through contemporary architecture and learn how to build a better world.

Our course will analyse major contemporary architectural ideas, ideologies, and projects in the context of Globalisation. We will trace development of our profession since the early 90s by discussing the work of some of the most influential architects of our time. The critical reflection on contemporary architecture will allow students to reflect on why and where they would like to situate their own work. When talking about the architectural protagonists of today, we will focus on their works in the most recent stages of their careers. Some references will be made to their earlier work, but the focus will be on how they adapt their thinking to the current design tendencies. We will examine the evolution of their work and at the same time try to understand how they react to the recent challenges and opportunities of our profession and society.

What will you learn?

The course will introduce the participants to the contemporary architectural scene and allow them to position themselves into it. The seminar will help them to understand better the work of others and their own work, as creative professionals. They will acquire some fundamental analytical, leadership, communication skills for a successful work in the profession. It will make them more competitive in their future careers in architecture. The final goal is to turn architecture from a service to an action for change; vision; understanding, imagining and making possible worlds; making a positive change.

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