Jul 11th 2016

Composing for Public Audiences: Writing, Rhetoric, and Research (Canvas net)

This course develops and refines participants’ skills in composing, rhetorical analysis, and research. The course emphasizes persuasive and researched writing, peer review, and composing in various forms and media.

In addition, participants will build upon and improve their mastery of writing in different genres, with and from sources, and for diverse audiences. They will also refine their ability to synthesize information; create arguments about a variety of discursive, visual, and/or cultural artifacts; and become more proficient with and sophisticated in their research strategies and employment of the conventions of public discourses.

Learning outcomes for Composing for Public Audiences include the following:

- Participants will—through critical analysis, discussion, peer review, and composing in multiple modalities—demonstrate the ability to express ideas effectively for particular audiences and purposes.

- Participants will access and use information critically and analytically, incorporating that information productively into their compositions.

- Participants will apply their growing knowledge of rhetoric—including visual rhetoric—and research-based writing to meet the challenges of composing genres intended for public audiences.