Sep 22nd 2015

Compliance in Office 365: eDiscovery (edX)

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Learn how to plan, implement, and manage eDiscovery in Office 365.

In Compliance in Office 365: eDiscovery, you will examine how to plan, implement, and manage eDiscovery. As organizational data stored in email and documents continues to grow, Office 365 makes it easy to find the relevant information as you need it. This training covers all the steps to effectively plan and manage discovery requests.

This is the first in a series of courses concerning Compliance in Office 365. By completing this course, you will gain an understanding of the eDiscovery architecture and how to effectively implement and use eDiscovery in your organization.

What you'll learn:

- Understanding the eDiscovery architecture of Office 365

- Planning eDiscovery activities like delegating administration roles and integration requirements.

- Implementing eDiscovery features of Office 365.

- Using eDiscovery to find information in your organization.

- Troubleshooting typical eDiscovery issues in Office 365