Apr 22nd 2014

Competences for Global Collaboration (FH JOANNEUM)

Our MOOC is about Competences for Global Collaboration, we will give you an overview about Communication across borders, introduce you to Legal cultures in front of different nations, let you know how business is done in Emergent Markets, show you relationships and networks in business to business marketing, we will focus on international communication and negotiation and will round up in the last week with the aim to transfer your findings into your individual contexts.

Our experts for the 6 weeks will provide different types of materials, questions for discussion and tasks to fulfill with respect to collaboration in international groups and doing business across borders. The moderators want to encourage you to become an active online learner who collaborates with others to complete the tasks and who shares his or her learning experiences on the web.

Our MOOC is open for every learner; no password is needed. The learners are encouraged to make their learning processes online visible, on a blog, via twitter or in the Facebook or Google+ community. Active learners can get a badge.

Course Description:

- Week 1: Communication across borders: Introduction and warm-up

- Week 2: Legal cultures

- Week 3: Doing Business in Emergent Markets

- Week 4: Relationships & Networks in Business to Business Marketing

- Week 5: International communication and negotiation

- Week 6: Transfer into individual contexts

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