Jul 11th 2016

Common Sense Economics for Life! (

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The Stavros Center for Economic Education of Florida State University (FSU) and Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship of Northern Michigan University will offer a six week cutting-edge, online course in economics and personal finance. Developed by a team of master economic educators, this course is for students who would like to learn more about economics, wealth and prosperity. This 16 module, multi-media course is understandable, easy to navigate, and focuses on what you really need to know about economics and personal finance. It will be taught by a seasoned online instructor.

By the end of the course students should be able to:

- explain the economic way of thinking and how it can be used to make purposeful decisions in a variety of settings

- explain why some nations prosper while others do not

- identify the twelve key elements of economics

- describe the seven sources of economic prosperity

- apply the twelve key elements of economics to explain the economics of government