Mar 30th 2015

Common Core in Action II: Exploring Literacy Design Collaborative Tools (Coursera)

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Learn about and explore tools to incorporate Common Core literacy standards into your content area. In this course you will explore Literacy Design Collaborative resources, and develop a plan to use one of those resources within your context.

The Common Core State Standards are new and will challenge our students to show evidence of learning in new ways. Instructional shifts are required, especially for teachers who must now incorporate literacy into content areas. Integrating the literacy standards can be difficult to do well. In this course you will have the support of a community and harness the power of collaboratively exchanging ideas with colleagues, as you explore a variety of Literacy Design Collaborative tools to align curriculum with the Common Core.

Each week you’ll explore one aspect of the Literacy Design Collaborative model, choosing from a variety of resources to differentiate for your own learning. You’ll then participate in a discussion forum to share you insights, questions, and applications with others.